The story of Smart Khalil

Md. Khalilur Rahman, the son of a farmer family, has three brothers and two sisters living with his parents. A complete farming family. His home is in Char Jamalpur village of Baira Union, Singair Upazila. Agriculture is the original professional ancestral line.

Khalilur Rahman is a young and enterprising farmer. At present, he has various vegetables including brinjal and papaya in his field. In the first week of 2023, at a food shop in Baira Bazar, he encountered Mr. Samiran Biswas, an employee of Medina Tech Limited. The story begins from there! Time with time, nature with technology! And from that day I got artificial intelligence – Dr.Chashi App.

In Bangladesh, I was delighted to find a practical app for farmers with artificial intelligence for the first time. From then on, I was able to identify and find solutions to various diseases and pest attacks on my own papaya and eggplant fields.

I have seen that Dr.Chashi app is helping me save both time and money. It has introduced me to modern agricultural management practices and helped me overcome my difficulties. Now, I can make decisions on my own. I no longer need to use excessive pesticides. Thanks to the reduced pesticide use, my health is protected, and my produced crops are safe and pesticide-free. Moreover, I am also getting good prices for my produce.

Dr.Chashi informs me about the possibility of rainfall and storms before they occur, allowing me to take necessary precautions to protect my crops in advance.

Now, everyone in the area recognizes me as a smart farmer, thanks to Dr.Chashi. Thank you, Dr. Chashi!