Sufia is now the doctor of crops.

Sufia Aktar, Husband: Yasin Mia, Village: Char Jamalpur, Upazila: Singair, District: Manikganj. In her small household, Sufia Aktar, along with her two sons and husband Yasin, leads a happy life. Yasin primarily works on their own land and operates a tractor around the fields. Sufia Aktar herself manages agricultural work, and livestock farming, and also runs a small grocery shop with the help of her husband.

In March 2023, her acquaintance with Dr. Chashi app worker Ranjan took place at her grocery store. Sufia took the initiative to use Dr.Chashi apps for identifying and solving vegetable diseases and pest infestations in her own homestead initially.

By doing so, without seeking assistance from others, she was able to solve various problems of the crops herself. Seeing her work, Sufia realized and understood that she could save both time and money by solving crop problems herself. Therefore, she no longer needs to use pesticides unnecessarily. Actually, it’s better this way. Currently, she is cultivating various vegetables such as eggplant, chili, bottle gourd, and various leafy greens in her homestead.

Unknowingly, while running her grocery store, she became a doctor of crops! Now, many farmers in the area come to Sufia, known as ‘Krisani Sufia’, with their crop problems. Sufia provides solutions and advice through the Dr.Chashi app. Sufia Aktar is no longer just running a grocery store; she has become a “Crop Doctor”. Sufia Aktar is now a confident, smart female entrepreneur.