Mamun is now – AI Mamun!

Md. Al Mamun, son of Akkas Ali, from Char Jamalpur village, Bayra Union, Singair Upazila. Mamun is a well-educated young man who recently passed his Master’s degree from a university. He is one of three brothers, with a sister, in a farming family with their parents. Alongside his father’s agricultural work, Mamun has also engaged himself in farming activities while managing his own studies. Everyone in the Char Jamalpur area now knows him as AI Mamun!

At the end of 2022, Mamun got introduced to the Dr. Chashi app through the assistance of Medina Tech Limited and the Upazila Agriculture Extension Department. Since Mamun manages his own farming alongside his studies, he downloaded the Dr. Chashi app on his mobile and began identifying and solving various diseases and pest problems in his own paddy and maize fields. Initially, he started solving these issues himself through the app, without seeking assistance from others, and gradually, he became proficient in it. He also encouraged several other farmers and farm women to use the Dr. Chashi app.

Witnessing the success of AI technology in his farming, now everyone in the area recognizes him as AI Mamun. Mamun himself, using the Dr. Chashi app, controlled diseases and pests in his crops, saved time and money, and produced good yields. The use of pesticides has reduced by half compared to before due to the use of Dr. Chashi. This has increased his crop production and improved the quality of his crops. Mamun’s use of AI technology in farming has increased his income and reduced the time spent on farming.

Mohammad Al Mamun, as a well-educated model farmer in Char Jamalpur area, serves as an example for everyone as AI Mamun. His success story will serve as an example for other farmers and encourage them to use AI technology to simplify farming tasks.