Dr. Chashi Apps

The app is your all-in-one agricultural solution.

It detects crop diseases, provides weather predictions, and offers essential farming information. It seamlessly connects to our other enterprise solutions. It is User-friendly and offline-capable, it empowers rural farmers to make informed decisions and improve crop yields. The app is another tool in the farmer’s inventory that allows them to lower the use of organic pesticides and grow a healthier crop.

You start with selecting what crop you want to scan.

The Dr. Chashi app has 25+ crops in its database. You can select one of these crops to start scanning and figuring out what might be ailing your crop.

You take a photo of the part of the crop you think might be diseased or pest affected.

In its database there are 100+ diseases and pests. When a photo is taken, the machine learning model determines what disease or pest it might be and only when it’s sure, presents the farmer with a result.

The app gives you a result based on the scan.

The farmer can see what disease or pest is affecting their crop. The app can show this in both Bangla and English as well as speak it out loud in Bangla and English. It shows organic and in organic solution and where is the nearest store the farmer can get it from.

Disease and Insects Detection

Disease and Insects Detection

Disease Solution Recommendations

Disease Solution Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Nearest Dealer Locator

Dealer Locator

Weather Based Advisory

Weather Based
Farming Advice

tips and traning

Training & Live

Real Time Crop
Market price 

Social & Community

Farmers & Gardeners

Farmers Health Safety Advice

Farmers & Gardeners

Interactive Voice

Call Center

Data Collection

The training dataset for Dr. Chashi is completely localized and meticulously collected by Dr. Chashi field team. There are 300,000+ individual images of disease collected to initially train the models. As time goes on and more farmers use Dr. Chashi the model only keeps getting better with more data points.


Using Dr. Chashi technology at its core, Bagaan is an app that is made for urban gardeners. Bagaan is a user-friendly garden management app designed for urban gardeners, offering a range of features.

The app utilizes AI for disease detection, allowing users to upload plant images for real-time analysis and recommendations. Additionally, it features a marketplace for buying and selling gardening items, fostering community collaboration. Bagaan aids in plant management with reminders for care tasks and provides a platform for users to share experiences and knowledge. Integrated weather data helps plan gardening activities, while analytics offer insights into garden progress. Overall, Bagaan combines technology, community, and practical tools

Lowering Pesticide Use

Dr. Chashi employs AI to detect pests and diseases early, reducing pesticide use. By swiftly identifying issues in plant images, farmers can take targeted actions, promoting sustainable and resource-efficient agriculture.

Dr.Chashi in Use

All throughout Bangladesh, Dr. Chashi is used by farmers, scientist and agriculture officers regularly.

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Dr. Chashi uses a very straightforward process so it is easier for rural farmers to use. All throughout voice prompts guide the farmer to complete the process.

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